Do It, Instead of talk about it

trying to eat cleanAs I have said in  my previous post ( Trying to get fit) for going on 9 years now I have been saying that I am going to get healthy. I am tired of wasting my time, and money, but putting little to no effort to it. I sit here and say I want to be healthy, feel good, look good and then turn around and eat to many sweets, or fast food. 9/10 the reason for this because I didn’t take the time to prepare my food. I just feel like I am done making excuses, or giving in or up. I go a few days and then give into the coffee or muffin. However, I realize that if I keep starting over, if I keep saying it will be the last day I do this…. I will say that forever because the last day will be the last day and if I cant make the commitment up front I am going to keep starting over.

So, now it like, I have to grow up more and take responsibility for the temple that God has given. Instead of abusing and mistreating it.  Mistreating it by not eating what I am suppose to. Now, I am a believer of you are what you eat, because when I eat impulsively with not caring what I eat; my mood swings are everywhere, stomach is bloated like I am pregnant, tired, irritable , and just not a happy person.

I am now at the point of being tired of hearing myself talking about being healthy and what I am going to do. I am now at the point where I am asking myself is those sweets and that fast food worth my health being crappy?, worth me not being around for my kids?, Are these the habits I want to teach my children?

All I keep saying to myself is NO, NO, NO! I cant have this, I wont have this, I have to be greater. I have to take care of my body now so that when I get older I wont suffer. I have to take care of my body so that I can teach my children, and possibly even others how to take care of theirs.

I also feel that if I am not healthy body, mind, and soul that I can not be my ultimate self. I feel that me continuing to play with myself on getting healthy, I am just taking longer time for me to be at my ultimate state of being.

That is why I am going to do this 30 day challenge and take it a day at a time, prep my food, drink only water, or homemade smoothies. I will have no sugar. I want to commit to this. I want to take the challenge and stick with the 30 days, despite the headaches, cravings, or the all around temptations.

I want to build the stamina, the self- control and self- discipline. I want to have consistency, persistence, and commitment. I want to be the best version of  myself, and treat my body as a temple. I want to feel healthy, have energy, have emotional stability, physical power, and so much more.

If you would like to start this with me, I am starting Monday, January, 19th, 2016 with no sugar and fast food. I will be vlogging this experience, as well as posting food pictures and recipes.

If you are trying to get healthy I just want to say, that we can overcome it. It more of a mind struggle than a physical one. Forget about all the negative things someone has told you, or even that you have told yourself, and put yourself first by loving yourself and taking care of your body.



Comment below to let me know if you are joining in with me. and tell me your story 🙂