Listed below are articles, books, or other publications in which Elevate Ur Soul has been featured in.

  • Featured in To and From Mother ebook. This book was published by Juni Desiree, who asked for me to share an excerpt in the book to my mother.

  •  Featured on Raelyn Tan blog in her post 8 Proven Ideas To Generate A Blog Name You Love. In this post you will find a paragraph on how and why I developed the name Elevate Ur Soul.

  • Featured on FITXBRIT blog in her Morning Buzz Postas one of her 3 favorite post that  center her and give her peace. My post 10 Ways To Finding Inner Peace was the first website that she mentioned.

  • Featured on Self Development Secrets.com,  as a influencer in Self Development. The post that I am featured on is The Influencers( Personal Development Books). In this post, I as well as other Self Development Influencers share our favorite Self Development Book that has impacted us the most and why.

I also have done several speaking engagements. Including some of the following:

The United Way

Mothers on Mentoring

Community engagements