Are you lonely or are you standing alone?

Standing alone in a world full of people is something that you think shouldn't be possible. Yet, millions of people say that they feel alone.  How can it be possible for people to feel like they have no support when the world we live in screams of all the things it does to support you?… Continue reading Are you lonely or are you standing alone?


There is

By:Myria Key There is hope. There is joy. There is peace. There is love. There is abundance. There is limitless possibilities of positivity. In order to become, we must do In order to do, we must be In order to be, we must flow Finding our center to flow from within. A transcending love of… Continue reading There is


Being Stagnant

Circle and cycles. Cycles are really just big circles. Habits, are in a sense going in a circle. These circles began to become comfortable. The comfortable becomes stagnation. The stagnant becomes more and more circles/cycles. It becomes possibly even further, deeper circles in cycles that cause your actions to be further into those then you… Continue reading Being Stagnant


Unidentified Beauty

            By: Myria Key             I degrade myself because of the choices that I have made that didn't add value to who I was. Allowing the cruel words of others or harsh realities to distort my view of self.   Unwillingly at times to accept… Continue reading Unidentified Beauty


This Is What These Streets Will Do

Author: Tumas Hedrick (Source:pxl eyes) This is what these streets will do Gotta watch ya people cause they plotting on you Choppa bullets turn a nigga into some shark food Felonies and a bunch of drug cases but i graduated i aint. no dummy fool Been through alot of shit thats why i got a… Continue reading This Is What These Streets Will Do


Drug’n and Dreaming

Author: anonymous The author of this poetry submission wanted to remain unknown. (Source : YMA Freedom) What do you like Is it the feel of the rush, that warm sensation. Or the pain from the poke that sharp penetration. Or the stimulation when your eyes roll back from the nood, like pure meditation No love… Continue reading Drug’n and Dreaming


Quotes To Help You Get Through Hard Times

Let's face it not everyday is going to be an easy day. There will be times that we may feel as though life has managed to knock every breath of out of our bodies.   We will have days that are good and seem to run smoothly, and then days that everything seems to be… Continue reading Quotes To Help You Get Through Hard Times


The 60th Grammy Award Show Recap

There was a lot to take in at this 60th Grammy Award Show. From top performances with Cardi B and Bruno Mars " finesse", to  Bruno Mars stealing the show with 6 Grammy awards. There is no denying that this show had you on your toes with anticipation.   Acceptance speeches either had you laughing, crying,… Continue reading The 60th Grammy Award Show Recap


How To Turn Discouragement into Encouragement

It's easy to get discouraged when you look around at the life others our living. You look and ask yourself are you really living? Because it seems like everyone is living but it feels like you're not. You look at their blessings, their looks, their lifestyle and feel as though you don't measure up. You… Continue reading How To Turn Discouragement into Encouragement


Redeeming That In Which Is Lost

You feel like you've lost yourself? Like you don't know where you are or the direction you are going. Your mind runs aimlessly over all the things that have been done, and all the things that could happen. Your mentally exhausted, emotionally a wreck. And, you just don't know what to do. What if I… Continue reading Redeeming That In Which Is Lost