Trying to get fit

I am trying to get fit, its been almost 9 years now, saying that I am. I am done talking about it, done letting the cravings get the best of me. If I don’t take care of my body now, I will most certainly pay for it when I get older.

This week is a trial period for my clean eating diet that I am on. This week has been pretty decent. But, I have fallen a few times with coffee, and sweets. I am however realizing as I continue to have stomach pains, bloating, no energy, and my stomach getting bigger; that I will have no choice but to sacrifice and give up the things that I want to get what I need. What I need is a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body, mind and soul. Although, coffee and sweets are good in the moment, they do nothing for my body or growth long term.

I am going to come up with a natural alternative for these things. I believe that my struggle is just in my mind, rather than a physical struggle. I am going to teach myself other alternatives than the ones that I have been using as a clutch all these years. Realizing, that if I don’t stop now and have self control and discipline, than I am going to continue to say one more day, continue to say today is the last day I do this.  I am over the lies and excuses I keep telling myself. I am ready to get fit truly and stay fit.

For breakfast this week

I have been eating a half of bagel with peanut butter and two large eggs

I have been eating 4 oz of lean meat (chicken or turkey) with rice, and veggies for lunch

My dinner have been different, and sometimes I skip lunch. I am however getting better and have been waking up earlier to get breakfast, lunches together for both me and my kids.

Even though I am struggling I am still going to keep pushing and keep fighting these cravings. Instead of sweets, I am going to change my thought process by eating fruits instead. Also, thinking about the benefits I will receive from making this change. Example being when I want a candy bar instead of giving into that temptation, instantly shut it down by saying ” fruit will be better instead, it gives me sweet but will also be better for my body than candy will.” You have to take the negative out with a positive.

I am uploading a picture of the body scan from complete nutrition that I did.

My current weight is 146.3. I believe in order to be healthy weight for my age, that I need to drop down at least 20 pounds to be in a healthy range for BMI and just overall health. I will continue to update this. I will also be uploading soon workout videos. Thank you for your patience.

What are some things you are struggling with in getting healthy?